Mining and Building industry

  • Technological processes in Raw Mineral processing
  • Plants for crushing and classification of Limestone, Dolomite, Diabase - primary, secondary, tertiary
  • Plants for sieving, classification, mixing and depositing of Raw Minerals
  • Plants for Stone washing and Mud removal
  • Plants for purification of dirty Technological Water used in process of Stone Aggregate washing
  • Depositing, separation, mixing and weighing of different Stone Aggregate granulations
  • Conveying systems in Cement Plants, Limestone industry, Clay industry, etc

Technological processes and equipment in mechanical waste treatment

  • Household, building, WEEE, etc.

Other industries

  • Conveying systems in Wood industry (conveying and depositing of Wood Chips)
  • Conveying systems in Sugar plants
  • Conveying systems in Tobacco industry (conveying of Tobacco Bales)
  • Conveying systems for Single Piece Cargo


We can offer You following services:

  • Conceptual solutions in Raw Mineral processing
  • Conceptual Conveying Systems Projects for Bulk Materials and Single Piece Cargo
  • Other types of Mechanical Engineering Projects
  • Detailed Engineering Drawings in the Mechanical Engineering field:
    • Rubber Belt Conveyors for Bulk Material
    • Conveyors for Single Piece Cargo
    • Arc Conveyors
    • Vertical Conveyors
    • Chain or Belt Elevators
    • Screw Conveyors
    • Material Dosators
    • Steel Construction
  • Organisation of manufacturing and installation of Mechanical Equipment