Some of more important references.

Part of references are completely finished Plants and part are just Conceptual Tehnological solutions

  • RADLOVAC Orahovica (2000.) Mobile crushing and sorting Plant of Diabase (Conceptual project)
  • RADLOVAC Orahovica (2001.) Mobile crushing Plant of Diabase - Primary part
  • GOLUBOVEČKI KAMENOLOMI Golubovec (2001.) Material washing Drum Ø1300x4300
  • POMGRAD Murska Sobota (2002.) Crushing and sorting Plant of Building Material (Conceptual project)
  • RADLOVAC Orahovica (2002.) Material washing Drum Ø1600x6000
  • CALCIT Kamnik (2002.) Plant for Technological Water cleaning (Conceptual solution)
  • VETROPACK Hum na Sutli (2002.) Conveying, crushing and depositing of crushed Glass
  • HRVATSKE ŠUME Gospić (2003.) Conveying and depositing of Wood Chips
  • INGRAM Srebrenik (2003.) Crushing plant for Limestone
  • NISKOGRADNJA Pregrada (2003.) Plant for crushing, sieving and clasification of material (Conceptual solution)
  • TERMIT Domžale (2003.) Hydrocyclonal classifying of Quartz Sand
  • SOLKANSKA INDUSTRIJA APNA (2003.) Nova Gorica Conveying of baked Lime (Conceptual project)
  • HIDREL Novo Čiče (2004.) Plant for technological Water cleaning
  • HRVATSKE ŠUME Gospić (2004.) Industrial Chimney Ø700/Ø900x17 m
  • KAMEN Sirač (2004.) Conveying and sieving of Stone Aggregate
  • KALUN Drniš (2004.) Plant for crushing and sieving of Limestone
  • ISTRACEMENT Pula (2005.) Plant for crushing, clasification, weighing and bagging of Clinker
  • RADLOVAC Orahovica (2005.) Plant for crushing, sieving, clasification of Diabase - Secondary part
  • RADLOVAC Orahovica (2005.) Plant for sieving and depositing of material
  • PODLESNIK TLAKOVCI Maribor (2006.) Crushing and sorting plant of Building material (Conceptual project)
  • RADLOVAC Orahovica (2006.) Plant for crushing, sieving, clasification of Diabase - Tertiary part
  • NAŠICECEMENT Našice (2006.) Bunkers for unloading Train Wagons and conveying system (Conceptual project)
  • PECINA Zagreb (2007.) Conveying of Flower Pots in Flower growing Center
  • RADLOVAC Orahovica (2007.) Plant for material sieving BINDER
  • RADLOVAC Orahovica (2007.) Temporary line for clasification and depositing of Granulates
  • SEA-PORT RIJEKA Terminal Bakar (2007.) Dosing device on SAMSUNG unloading Device
  • ISTARSKA TVORNICA VAPNA Most Raša (2007.) Conveying and sieving of Limestone
  • CMC Celje (2007.) Plant for crushing and sieving of Limestone (Conceptual project)
  • NAŠICECEMENT Našice (2008.) Reconstruction of additives conveying at the Cement Mill 3
  • VETROPACK Straža (2008.) Line for Crushed Glass loading (Conceptual project)
  • PZ Stari Jankovci (2009.) Conveying of Cereals to the Storehouse
  • GORJAK Krapina (2009.) Conveying and sieving of Stone Aggregate
  • EKONERG Zagreb (2011.) Chain conveyor for Waste removal from Water Coolant in Nuclear Power Plant Krško
  • STROJREM Križevci (2011.) Telescopic belt Conveyor for granular materials
  • ENTRAF Zagreb (2012.-2014.) Project for Electrical and Thermal energy from Forest Biomass
  • AR-Tech Zagreb (2010.-2017.) for SANDVIK – Mining and Construction Austria Project parts for NEYVELI India, HAY POINT Australia, WESTSHORE Canada, KOLUBARA Serbia, RICHARDS BAY Australia, AMRUN Australia, VALE Australia, and JAZAN Saudia Arabia, TAMAN Malezia, etc.